Soho Myriad

Art Consulting Services

What We Do

Create art programs tailored to the needs of our client, keeping both aesthetic and cost in mind.

Art Consulting

Visual ideas, concepts, themes, and forms encapsulated in a collection of artworks, assembled to express, supplement and become intrinsic to the design and functionality of an environment, and, in so doing, enhancing our experience of it.


Anyway you shape it, someone has to make it. From concept to installation, we supervise the artists and artisans selected to create each piece, focusing on meeting the specifications with works of structural and artistic integrity.


A substrate for all seasons. Paper, Canvas, Wood, Plexi, or Metal - 2d or 3d - shapes, embellishment, and resin pours. The application of modern technologies redefines the print, expanding the realms of design options and artistic application.


Keeping it all together. Skillfully selected and displayed from a myriad of corner samples. Solidly constructed to ensure art preservation. Safely packaged and boxed. Quality assured. You name it, we frame it.


Who We Are

Janie Stanfield


Roger Caplan


Tracy Chevalier

Senior Vice-President

Sarah Hall-Smith

VP of Art Consulting

Soho Myriad is the one of the world’s leading Art Consulting firms. For the past 22 years, Soho Myriad has been advising and providing international art collections for the luxury hotel market.

Working in tandem with interior designers and owners, Soho Myriad has delivered art packages to thousands of hotels around the world. Integrating art with design, we help elevate top-class hotel environments into memorable and valuable expressions of our client’s brand identities.